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‘The Green Business - How to Grow Money on Trees’

By Kavitha Shenoi

Draws on the powerful insights of 5 successful green businesses, clearly worth starting. With lucid illustrations this remarkable guide deftly expedites your journey from mind to marketplace. Requiring only low investment yet offering green sustainable solution, each endeavour presented when driven with passion can simply earn startling returns on your investment. Embellished with business models and easily-adaptable strategies, this extraordinary handbook can shape the growth of your start-up and truly set you apart.

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5 –sustainable and successful businesses are innovative and inspirational.

In these troubled pandemic times, when the world economies have been ludicrously hit and jobs have become even scarcer, Kavitha K. Shenoi argues that eco entrepreneurial ventures simply lead the way forward.

Embellished with business models, easily adaptable strategies, and endorsing a pragmatic approach, this extraordinary handbook distinctly handholds budding entrepreneurs.

This treasure trove of detailed case studies is well structured, depicting from the what, why and how of each business to strategies and financial viabilities that can redefine the growth of your start-up.

The compelling value proposition of each eco venture combined with its significant market potential, undeniably leads to startling rewards.

With ample space for innovation, they can be catapulted into a runaway success by anyone with a ‘green’ intent and a zeal for doing business.

Needing no special skills, these eco businesses can be easily learnt and quickly scaled up.

With an easy-to read and engaging narrative, this creative non-fiction, serves to meet the unmet need of standing on your own feet.

  • Budding Entrepreneurs
  • Returning Soldiers  
  • Mid-Career-Crisis Folks  
  • Urban Gardeners
  • Business Owners

KAVITHA SHENOI is an Author, Speaker and an internationally certified Trainer.

She is an electronics engineer and a management professional with over 20 years in the IT industry in various leadership roles. She is an accomplished manager with outstanding business acumen, technical leadership and big picture thinking. She has rendered her rich industry experience and learning to design various training programs, making them insightful and effective. Her well received workshops have benefitted more than 5000 participants, across the country.

Through her book ‘The Green Business- How to Grow Money on Trees’, she strives to elevate the much needed eco entrepreneurial ambience in the country.

She believes “experimenting to excel” alone, drives us to the pinnacle of our potential.

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